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Successful "take-off" for the "youngest" European exhibition on the Sun

10-Nov-2000 The European Project on the Sun (EPOS) - a travelling exhibition on the Sun - was successfully inaugurated yesterday by the European Space Agency at the Noordwijk Space Expo, The Netherlands. The "EPOS" exhibition features the work of five teams of young people (14-18 years old) who have collaborated with their local science museums to conceive and produce professional-looking and informative displays.

Fly me to the Sun!

ESA inaugurates the European Project on the Sun

3-Nov-2000 On 8/9 November, at Noordwijk in the Netherlands, the European Space Agency (ESA) will inaugurate the "European Project on the Sun" (EPOS), a travelling exhibition conceived and built by European youngsters who have spent the past eight months acting as solar scientists and communication experts working on various themes relating to the Sun.

News from the 34th ESLAB symposium, 3 - 6 October 2000

6-Oct-2000 On 6 October 1990, the Ulysses spacecraft was launched. Today, ten years later, the international band of scientists attending the 34th ESLAB symposium are concluding proceedings with their sense of excitement and eager anticipation undimmed. The meeting has heard of numerous observations, made over recent months, that are leading to new insights about the behaviour of the Sun and the heliosphere at solar maximum. Many speakers have looked forward to further observations over the next four years as the solar cycle returns to minimum.

Fly me to the Sun

The European Project on the Sun (EPOS) is set up in the frame of the European Science and Technology Week 2000. This ESTW 2000 will take place from the 6th until the 12th November 2000.

EPOS will realise a travelling 'spaceship exhibition' treating space research about the sun that is built by teams of youngsters with the assistance of five science centres.

In a national competition, five science centres - Fondazione IDIS, Deutsches Museum, Musée des Sciences et des Techniques de Parentville, CitÉ de l'Espace and Foundation Space Expo Noordwijk will select a team of local European youngsters. They will work together to build a spaceship module that will guide visitors through a specific space research item about the sun.

The final European winner will be announced during the final event at the Foundation Space Expo Noordwijk.